The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation provides grants to rottie rescue groups in the US. Donate today and save a rottweiler

Rottweiler Rescue Grants

The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation provides grants twice a year to rescue groups in the United States. Grants totalling more than $130,000 have assisted more than 6,300 rottweilers to date.


The Grant Process

Any group or individual that is actively involved in rescuing Rottweilers is eligible to apply for a Rottweiler Rescue Foundation Grant.  The Grant Committee shall consider all applications for Rescue Grants thoroughly.  It is the Committee's responsibility to approve/disapprove the application(s) based on the merits of the application(s).

It is the Committee's responsibility to determine the amount of the grant(s).  In deciding whether to approve or disapprove an application and if approved, the size of the grant, the Board shall consider such factors as how active the group's rescue program has been over the past 6 months and the Rescue Policy that the group follows, etc.

The Rescue Policy of those applying for a Grant shall include the following:

  1. The policy shall require that all Rescued Rottweilers be carefully evaluated in terms of health and especially in terms of temperament.
  2. The policy shall recognize that not all dogs can be placed and in some cases must be euthanized.
  3. The policy shall require that all Rescued Rottweilers must be spayed/neutered before they are placed in a home.
  4. The policy should exclude the use of cosmetic surgery to make the Rottweiler more placeable.
  5. The policy should require that all Rescued Rottweilers are tattooed or microchipped before being placed in their adoptive homes.
  6. The policy shall require that all adoptive homes are carefully evaluated before a Rottweiler is placed.
  7. The policy should include obedience training and socialization of the Rescued Rottweilers to improve their ability to successfully adapt into a new home.
  8. The policy shall require that no Rescued Rottweiler shall be relinquished to any party for the purpose of medical research, commercial guard dog activities, or resale.  The rescued Rottweiler shall not be relinquished to any recipient whose primary purpose in acquiring the dog is any purpose other than a companion animal.
  9. The policy shall require that a written contract be used in the adoption of all Rescued Rottweilers.  The contract shall require that if the adoption home is unable to keep the Rescued Rottweiler, for any reason, the dog must be returned to the group which rescued the dog.
  10. The policy shall prohibit rescued dogs from being sold at a profit.  If anything is charged for the dog, the amount should not exceed a figure to cover expenses on that particular dog, as well as a small donation to their rescue fund.

The Grant Committee examines many applications. Sorting through strange forms that include extraneous data is extremely time-consuming and frustrating.  Please, use these forms or something very close and please include the column labels.  If you use a similar format, be certain that all columns are labeled, that the “complete data set” we requested is included, and that all of the dogs are accounted for. 

Please also include an up to date copy of your group’s policies and procedures.  We need to up-date our files.  Not necessary if you included your updated policies with your last application.

Grant Application Files
You will need to download all of the files to ensure you have a complete set of documents.
Fall Cover Letter (MS Word)
Fall Grant Application p. 1(MS Word)
Fall Grant Application p. 2 (MS Excel)

Grant Submissions
Rescuers are urged to complete the Grant Application Forms and return them to Earl Chaney by September 15, 2014 to be eligible to receive a Grant.  Supply the requested information for ALL dogs affected by your program during the period covered.  E-mail works great.

The Grant Approval Process is included in this file to guide you in supplying support information for your application.

Please mail or email the application to:

Earl Chaney
5014 Granger Ct.
Indianapolis, IN   46268