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RRF Disaster Hurricane Harvey

Activated August 29, 2017

W ith the arrival of Hurricane Harvey along the Texas Gulf Coast with Houston in the center, RRF knew it was in for a long, tough summer and fall.

Having learned lessons from Katrina, we set our goals on communication with Shelters in the devastated areas around Houston. The shelters were busy moving the dogs that had been their residents to safe areas and leaving openings for the animals that were being rescued. Dogs and cats that were with their owners were housed with their owners in Emergency shelters. We set up a Facebook - Rottweilers of Hurricane Harvey where all our action has and is taking place. The Rottweilers that we focused on are unclaimed, no microchips, and the shelters agreed to holding for 30+ days before being moved. There have been 3 transports north and east with all dogs vetted, spayed, neutered, microchipped, and health certificates. We still need fosters within 300 miles of Houston or 501c3 rescues in other states. Our eastern or north eastern rescues are full at this point. If you have the ability to foster and transport even two Rottweilers, please volunteer in the mid-west, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. We will work with you.

We also have a working group in Florida, which suffered Hurricanes Irma and Maria. They contacted all the Rottweiler Rescues in Florida. We have touched base with the Northern California and Montana Rottweiler people because of relocation due to fires.

This is a call out to fellow Rottweiler lovers, as we do not want to leave Our Breed unclaimed, unwanted, or unloved. Thank you for any help you can give or have given.

You may contact us for more information.

Earl "Chip" and Gwen Chaney