The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation provides grants to rottie rescue groups in the US. Donate today and save a rottweiler

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Established in 2001, the RRF is the only group dedicated to funding Rottweiler Rescue operations. Help to save Rottweilers with your generous donation today!


About the Rottweiler Rescue Foundation

The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation was established more than a decade ago, and has been providing semi-annual grants to rottweiler rescue organizations since that time. Initially a collaboration of the Colonial Rottweiler Club, the Medallion Rottweiler Club and the American Rottweiler Club, the organization dates its roots back to 1997. To date, the Foundation has distributed $162,350. This figure has impacted 6,393 Rottweilers from more than 45 rescue organizations in the United States.

Any group or individual that is actively involved in rescuing Rottweilers is eligible to apply for a Rottweiler Rescue Foundation Grant.  All those applying must have a specific rescue policy established and adhered to, which includes a statement that all dogs are spayed/neutered before adoption (unless a medical condition exists to prevent such surgery), and a statement that any dog with an unacceptable temperament will not be placed.

Stoltz Transport Fund
The Stoltz Fund was created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and in honor of a dedicated rottweiler lover who was "on duty" 24/7 during the disaster, providing food, medical treatment and a "ticket" out of the improvised shelter. Linda Stoltz lost the battle to cancer in 2008, but her work lives on. To date, the Stoltz Transport Fund has donated $3,744.08 to the relocation of rottweilers in the US.

The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation has been able to assist rescue groups with grants because of the generosity of ARC members, private memorial donations, ‘Goat Insurance’, yearly donations from the Colonial Rottweiler Club specialty auction, donation from the Medallion Rottweiler Club, and monies from a Purina Parent Membership. The Foundation is staffed solely by volunteers.

The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation is a tax exempt organization operation under IRS section 501(c)3.


  • Dale Green -                             President
  • Diane Garnett -                       Vice-President
  • Earl Chaney  -                          Treasurer
  • Kari Chaney  -                         Secretary
  • Carolyn Zembrodt    -           Director
  • Peggy Laskovich   -               Director
  • Lew Olson      -                          Director
  • Gwen Chaney   -                     Director
  • Eileene Stewart  -                   Director

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