Gwen Chaney and Rottweiler Rescue

This story began way before Rottweiler Rescue Foundation (RRF), it began with the first Rottweiler that
was brought into the Chaney home in 1968 and just went from there. Fast forward to 1994 and the ARC
Specialty was hosted by the Emerald Valley Rottweiler Club.

The Northeast Ohio Rottweiler Rescue (NORR) group, which Gwen and Earl were part of, managed to
raise money specifically for rescue at the specialty which increased the ability of the group to have an
effect on the homeless Rottweilers in their area.

In 1997, Cathy Thompson, the ARC President, appointed Gwen as the chairman to form a committee to
work on developing a national organization, to financially support Rottweiler Rescue groups around the

Gwen and Chip were also members of the Colonial Rottweiler Club and at many CRC specialties, monies
were raised and specifically earmarked for Rottweiler rescue. Along with many members in both clubs,
the Rottweiler Rescue Foundation was created in 2001.

Gwen worked in rescue with NORR, the Hoosier Rottweiler Club and all Rottweiler clubs that were
raising monies to highlight the huge number of Rottweilers that needed to be rescued all over the

Gwen Chaney was a soft-spoken, assertive woman that was hell-bent on having every Rottweiler find a
forever home and since 2001, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been granted to rescue groups
through the generosity of Rottweiler club members and her perseverance.