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The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation Grant Program is established for the purpose of supporting groups that are actively involved in rescuing Rottweilers. Grants provided under this program shall be used to rescue Rottweilers and to provide general care/health care and veterinary care for rescued Rottweilers.

Any group or individual that is actively involved in rescuing Rottweilers is eligible to apply for a Rottweiler Rescue Foundation Grant. As a 5013c, the RRF needs to verify your status as a rescue group. Please include in your application a one time request for your established rescue policy. It is also important that any dog(s) deemed unacceptable for placement due to temperament or a debilitating health issue be euthanized. We also ask that our monies be used for the spay/neuter of any rescue being placed.

Fill out the information requested. The Rottweiler Rescue Foundation requests this data for purposes of making random verification checks of information provided and to fulfill reasonable responsibility in examining the organizations or individuals to which funds will be granted. The data will remain completely confidential and will not be used for any purpose or released to any other organization without permission from the group or individual who has provided the information. No attempt to solicit funds from named adopters or fosters will be made.

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